We are delighted to present our extremely popular range from Callaghan Irish Meats, whose historical
family recipes go into the making of the traditional Irish sausage, rasher and breakfast pudding.

  • Black Pudding

    Part of a traditional cooked breakfast, but versatile enough to be used in starters and main courses
    with fish, fruit, lamb and pork and as a flavor enhancer in a stew or casserole.

  • White Pudding

    Callaghan Irish Meats recipe; Part of any traditional Irish Breakfast.
    Similar to black pudding and contains pork and oatmeal as its main ingredients.

  • Breakfast Bacon

    Thick cut classic traditional Irish bacon Callaghan Irish Meats Breakfast bacon typically has a lower fat and salt content than American bacon.

  • Irish Breakfast Sausage 1oz

    Callaghan Irish Meats Sausage recipe has the distinctive
    flavor of traditional seasonings that make for a true Irish pork sausage.

  • 2 / 5lb Sausage Link Irish Banger 2oz

    The same premium quality sausage only larger. Callaghan Irish Meats Bangers make for a great breakfast or dinner item.