Some products are part of their national heritage, it could be said that eating them can maintain or give you an Irish accent.

  • Gem Pack Traditional Irish Custard Powder 104oz

    Traditional Irish custard is a perfect topping for Apple Pie, Apple Crumble or Sherry Trifle.

  • McCann’s Hot Irish Oatmeal 28oz

    The story of McCann’s dates back to 1800 when John McCann built a mill at Beamond, four miles from Drogheda. The minimal processing that goes into preparing McCann’s Hot Irish Oatmeal helps the oats retain their distinctive taste and nutritional value. Oatmeal provides a great healthy breakfast alternative.
  • Batchelors

    Batchelors is made in Dublin and has been since 1935. It is home to Ireland’s finest and most loved baked beans and peas. Traditionally baked Irish peas and beans, Batchelors canned foods range are a healthy choice. They are a good source of protein and fiber and are low in fat, saturated fats and sugar. They are all gluten free and are suitable for anyone following a vegetarian diet.

  • Batchelors Beans small cans 22oz

  • Batchelors Beans 91.7oz

  • King Cheese and Onion Pub Crisps 1.7oz (Available upon request)

    Renowned as the crisp lovers crisp. King started its first production of crisps in 1963 in Parnell Street, Dublin. King Pub are the preferred offering in pubs the length and breadth of Ireland. King has a policy of using only the best potatoes, frying them in the purest sunflower oil and adding only the finest flavors and their own secret ingredient.